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To your parents about dating

SVP of Your Tango Experts Melanie Gorman sits down with psychologist Dr.Stan Tatkin, premarital, marital and infidelity recovery counselor Dr. Colene Sawyer Schlaepfer and individual and relational recovery therapist Argie Spuck to discuss some ways to make your relationship successful as you cope with the fact that your partner's innate qualities are difficult to change."I find that sometimes people choose someone who is like the parent they had the most problem with, actually. You made a commitment to create a strong and loving relationship together. 'I'm outsourcing it when really I'm the person to repair that or take care of that."Are you still finding it difficult to cope with your partner's frustrating actions or perspectives?If you can't stand something your partner is doing, discuss it and come to a resolution getting angry about it. I take you on as my burden, and that includes your past. Scroll up to the video above to hear some highly beneficial professional advice that can lead you to a strong (and deeply loving) relationship."One night, we were in the basement, just like old times, only now we're adults and we don't just make out anymore.

If you really want to be with this person, you'll know what you two need to work on before the heated arguments ensue. Don't Act Like It's NOT Your Problem As a loving partner in this relationship, you have the responsibility to fix any relationship problems — even if it's an innate action your partner is notorious for doing.

3.' Times have changed, and you make it work," Cate from Toronto told .

But we know better, meaning we can all try to be a bit more forgiving and openminded.

Is your partner annoying you JUST like your parents? But what you don't realize is that it's actually (slightly) true (no matter how much you vehemently disagree).

That is probably one of the most irritating accusations anyone can make, especially your partner.


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