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The funny thing is that it never occurred to me if they aged my son that we would have been married longer. Michael and Lauren were celebrating their sixth anniversary, and I went, “How can we have been married six years and have a fifteen-year-old? (Laughs) CHRISTIAN: First let me say we love Robbie Tucker, who played little Fen, but there is more that we can do now with Max, and there are a whole lot of levels we can play now, than the two of us waiting, for God sakes, for Fenmore to grow! Having to walk in and being thrown into the insanity is not easy! Max fit in from the moment he walked in, because he is insane like all of us! He has been watching it since 1973, but that is beside the point (Laughs).(Laughs) MICHAEL: Max, did you know about the quirky Fisher/Baldwin clan before you started on Y&R? When I had my final callback for the role of Fen, it was with Christian.Bregman (Lauren) and Max Ehrich to discuss how Max’s entrance on to the canvas has given this long-loving, long-suffering couple some exciting new dilemmas!And as for Max’s Fenmore, he is turning out to be a hand full with an obsessive eye on pretty young Summer Newman, and getting into some deep trouble that will have far-reaching consequences for the teen scene and the adults, since Y&R has kicked off its very timely cyberbullying storyline.You better be a damn good actor to hold your own with members of Genoa City’s Baldwin/Fisher Family!This fictitious clan puts the capitol “D” in dysfunction with their sordid pasts, messed up relationships, and schemes gone awry.CHRISTIAN: It was really interesting during the casting process.They had a whole lot of different types coming into to play 15, but they were not going to cast a 15-year-old.

One of his hobbies is genealogy, and Le Blanc has been able to trace his family back to France in the 17th century.In 2005, Le Blanc made a crossover appearance as Michael Baldwin on several episodes of the classic CBS soap , soap legend Eileen Fulton (Lisa) played Le Blanc’s stepmother, and his other co-stars included future movie stars Meg Ryan, Julianne Moore and Marisa Tomei.16.In 1988, Le Blanc had a role as a policeman in the first season of the crime drama series .18.He was “discovered” by a photographer who thought Le Blanc should consider a career in front of the camera.stints was working as a substitute teacher at an inner-city elementary school in Los Angeles.13.However, the duo of Lauren Fenmore Baldwin and her husband Michael Baldwin, are one of most enduring couples, even though they have not been together for decades.Six years in soap time is an eternity, especially on the number one soap!(One descendant in the French city of Nantes was an actor in the mid-1800s.)20.In 2012, Le Blanc served as co-executive producer of the indie film , Christian Le Blanc has been nominated for 10 Daytime Emmy Awards and has won 3 as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (in 2005, 20).23.MICHAEL: Max, are you able to get Christian and the rest of the gang to simmer down before shooting a scene with you? (Laughs) MAX: (Laughs) I think when we are all on set together we all feed off of our energy. MICHAEL: When you envisioned the teenaged son of Lauren and Michael, were you hoping that he would be just as quirky and messed up as Lauren and Michael had been in their early days?We all are very emotionally exhilarating, and so it’s always great to do a scene with these two, because I think we all just go to these levels together, and it becomes fun to make TV magic! TRACEY: I was always hoping that they would show the dark side of our child, because both Lauren and Michael have dark sides.


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