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University of toronto speed dating

Men made more choices than women, but overall the majority of the participants left the speed-dating events single.

The authors concluded that too much variety leads to people putting off decisions. is confusing and potentially detrimental to choice quality,” the authors write in the study Too much of a good thing? “The bounded rationality with which we process the information (about mates) we receive may have long roots into our evolutionary history, in which we have typically been exposed only to a limited number of potential partners,” Francesconi said.

sight only counts for one vote of five.”Chartrand said initially, the Speed-dating for the Senses project and Scientists for Love started off as a bit of a joke — neither of the business partners are trained scientists, with Chartrand’s background in English literature and partner Leigh Kotsilidis working as a managing editor of a literary magazine — but after brainstorming over a beer, their plans took off.

The team has pulled off four speed-dating events in Montreal.

“In contexts in which time is a limited resource, choice variety . “It may also have to do with the fact that we would usually look at some key characteristics which summarize well the nature of the partner (or the good) we intend to consider for a proposal (or a purchase).” For example, people might pay attention only to observable traits such as age, and weight and use such traits to guide their decisions.

But at a certain point their ability to put together all such pieces of information becomes weaker, leading to poor choices or no choices at all, he said.

Melissa Seifert, co-founder of Oakville-based speed-dating company Single in the City, which holds events in Toronto, disagrees.

“One of the reasons has to do with our limited ability to deal with ‘too much’ information,” Francesconi told the Star in an email interview.

“There is a ‘bound’ on how much we can usefully process and take account into our decisions (whether they refer to our chocolate consumption or our mate choices).” Beyond that bound, additional availability of chocolates, as well as of mates, becomes redundant if not deleterious to our propensity to choose, he said.

Francesconi and Linton came to their conclusions after analyzing decisions made by 1,870 male and 1,868 female participants in more than 80 commercially run speed-dating events.

Called “part speed-dating, part performance art, part science” by its creators, the event includes five different experiments involving sound, touch, taste, scent and sight, all designed to knock participants out of the dating doldrums.

“(In the experiment,) people meet each other kind of backwards from what a normal context would be,” said Amy Chartrand, one half of the Scientists for Love duo, a group dedicated to studying love in all its forms.


  1. Aug 7, 2015. Speed-dating for the Senses sees singles participate in five experiments to help them find their sensory match. Singles participate in a Speed-dating for the Senses event run by Scientists for Love in 2014. University of Toronto Ph. D. candidate Sasha Reid identified a connection in her database.

  2. Mar 3, 2011. They found speed dating presents too many unnatural choices, leading people to avoid making decisions or, more often than not, leaving such an event single. Marco Francesconi, a professor of economics at the University of Essex, and colleague Alison Lenton, a lecturer in the Department of Psychology.

  3. Jan 22, 2018. It's probably the only time the Royal Ontario Museum attracts such a massive lineup along Bloor, snaking around the corner onto University. FNL continues to be a popular. Toronto's longest running speed dating service, 25dates.com, helps you meet up to 25 singles at each event. Each micro date lasts 3.

  4. Founded on St. George's Day April 23rd in 1827, the city of Guelph was ranked #4 by Moneysense Magazine in 2007 on their list of Canada's Most Livable Cities. Known as the Royal City, Guelph is located 100 km west of downtown Toronto and was one of the first planned communities in Canada. Famous Scottish.

  5. Eventbrite - MaRS Health presents MaRS Investment Readiness Week 5 Investor Speed Dating and Booth Duty - Thursday, 29 March 2018 Thursday, 26 April 2018 at JLABS, Toronto, Ontario. Find event and ticket information.

  6. Speed dating events are just one example of things for Ajax singles to do in Toronto. Here they meet up to. At the end of the war, the University of Toronto took over much of the D. I. L. plant and used it to house engineering students who had been recently discharged from the Armed Forces. The buildings were.

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