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Mount the GPS puck in close vicinity to the 360 pod, and then connect it to the bow fish finder.

Once the pod and GPS puck are in good locations, and the cables are routed, you can connect it to your fish finder or network.

You can line up every single cast and put your bait directly into the productive zones where fish live.

Follow Transition Lines – Points, ledges, humps, and reefs will all display a distinctive color change on the 360 sweep.

Turns, points, and holes in the grass become visible without you ever having to drive over the grass beds.

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360 makes it dead simple to see you are in good casting position to whatever structure you are fishing.Inside the transducer pod is several sonar imaging crystals rotating in a bath of oil.The rotation creates the circular sweep and software paints it onto the screen as an image.Take care when routing the cables along the trolling motor, there needs to be slack for deploying and retracting the trolling motor.The GPS heading sensor tells the unit where to place the waypoints on the 360 sweep view.In open water you can see the bait as well as fish following.You can also literally watch fish move in and around brush piles by looking for the telltale white marks that appear and disappear.After fishing with a Bow 360 for a while, you will quite literally feel like you are fishing blind without it.See Targets Before Reaching Them – With 360 on the bow, and using 360 Navigation with waypoints, you can slowly approach structure without having to drive over them and throw out a marker buoy, potentially spooking fish.In this Humminbird Bow 360 review, you’ll see exactly why and how I use 360 to be a better and more efficient fisherman.360 Imaging is basically a rotating side imaging transducer.Where Side Imaging scrolls from top to bottom to create the image, 360 “scrolls” in a circle, creating an image of the water column around the boat.


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