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Updating dates in an update query

The following code does not update my SQL Server table.dim db as database set db = currentdb Update tbl Inst_Time Sheet Set Date1 =#4/18/2014#, Date2 =#4/19/2014#, Date3 =#4/20/2014#, Date4 =#4/21/2014#, Date5 =#4/22/2014#, Date6 =#4/23/2014#, Date7 =#4/24/2014#, Date8 =#4/25/2014#, Date9 =#4/26/2014#, Date10 =#4/27/2014#, Date11 =#4/28/2014#, Date12 =#4/29/2014#, Date13 =#4/30/2014#, Date14 =#5/1/2014# Where QOID=500000 db.In the past on various databases, I've had it work both ways and I don't have a clue why it works or does not work. You will not be able to run an update query against a SQL Server that does not have a primary key How about a Time Stamp field?

Yes, I have tried that as well and I'm getting "0 records affected". so, what does the line that executes this look like? Does the SQL Server table (tbl Inst_Timesheet) have primary key?

Example: The currency table have conversion rates for the dates:2016-01-05...

And in the transaction table, I have a lot of transactions that have occured on the date 2016-01-02...

So what I want to do is to try and match the transaction date with the currency date.

If there is a match I want to update the amount field by multiplying the amount by the conversion rate.


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