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Updating emule

ADDED: Superlexx: new proxy auto-detector, client-side: using XML data format instead of CVS; if no proxy has been found in the local XML file, e Mule tries to look for the proxy in our online proxy database. The "detected proxy" dialog has been cleaned up to not confuse users by the advanced options.

It’s been awhile since we've posted anything and we want to make you know what’s been going on. Many of the older file-sharing applications have long-passed – Lime Wire, Kazzaa, Audio Galaxy, Napster – they’re no more. It’s a peer-to-peer file-sharing application that uses e Donkey servers and its own decentralized Kad network.Unlike many peer-to-peer applications, e Mule is an open-source project We’ve covered why it’s important to contribute to open-source projects, but what if you’re not a coder?You don't have to learn how to program to help your favorite open-source projects. and it doesn’t come bundled with any adware or spyware.With an integrated search feature and a shared files directory, e Mule represents another era of file sharing.Today’s most popular file-sharing methods – both Bit Torrent clients and online file-hosting sites – make you search the Web for .torrent files Recent events have seen well-known torrent directories like BTJunkie closing their doors or being threatened with closure, leaving many people wondering about the legalities of torrents and which directories are still open to find them... e Mule is more similar to Napster and other old school peer-to-peer applications – it includes a search tab.After connecting to a server on the Servers tab, you can search for files and start downloading them.e Mule-0.46c-Web Cache-2.0a-Beta1e Mule-0.46c-Web Cache-2.0a-Beta1Mehr ber die Funktionen von Web Cache FAQ (klick) e Mule 0.46c Webcache 2.0a BETA1 - ported to e Mule v0.46c, updated the libraries. Default is 30%, the setting is updated from our webcache database when automatic updating is enabled ADDED: Superlexx: a client that is requesting OHCBs for a file is automatically added as a source CHANGED: Superlexx: COt N (cache only the need) disabled for this build because of a bug that prevents clients from creating proxy sources FIXED: JP/Superlexx: several bugfixes, thx to our testers e Mule Web Cache 1.9a Beta1 ------------------- ADDED: JP: per-file Web Cache transfer statistics; show Web Cache version in the splash screen, log and window title; the client counter in the download window now says "Webcache capable" ADDED: JP/Superlexx: Cot N: Web Cache download success rate is now taken into account when deciding whether to download via proxy; e.g. - deactivated the proxy list updating for now (server-side needs a new hosting, client-side needs a partial recode) - removed the AICH event logging option - memleak fixed in CUp Down Client:: Create MFRPacket() ([email protected] Za Rd) - fixed verbose log spamming when an HTTP source was present ([email protected]_he for reporting) - the code has been Web Cache-tagged more throughfully for easier porting next time, the tag count calculation is easier to maintain now - updated the Web Cache code to the recent Peer Cache code - a few minor changes e Mule Web Cache 1.9a Beta3 ------------------- FIXED: Superlexx: error message when receiving OHCBs for a known file which is not a part file corrected FIXED: Superlexx: the multi-file-requests now expire after one hour FIXED: Superlexx: caches Local was set wrong when us e Mule Web Cache 1.9a Beta2 ------------------- ADDED: JB/Superlexx: trust Level, the percentage of successful OHCB requests a client must reach to be trusted after we tried to download 50 of his OHCBs; called webcache Trust Level in After e Mule finds a few other Kad-supporting clients, it can connect to the Kad network. Like with other peer-to-peer networks, bad clients can also poison the network with fake files that appear in search results.e Mule was last updated in April 2010 – nearly 2 years ago.While development isn’t completely stalled, future updates will likely only contain minor changes and bug fixes.


  1. Mehr über die Funktionen von WebCache + FAQ klick. eMule 0.46c Webcache 2.0a BETA1 - ported to eMule v0.46c, updated the libraries. Compiled with VS2003 now. Use if you want to compile. - deactivated the proxy list updating for now server-side needs a new hosting, client-side needs a partial recode

  2. Safe server list, for eDonkey and eMule, updates daily.

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