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Updating facebook status on twitter

Find your personalized upload email address and use that as the recipient for your MMS message, and you can send media right from your phone to Facebook.Facebook added a way for you to send photos or videos to your profile page via email.The Facebook mobile number is 32665 (FBOOK), which you'll probably want to add to your contacts list for easy retrieval.Facebook will send back a confirmation code when it receives your SMS, which you then enter into the next step.You can even turn off all the incoming text alerts and still continue to send your own status updates to Facebook.To send photos or videos by MMS, you essentially want to follow the protocol in the email section below.It also includes a URL shortening function as well, and you can set whether you'd like tiny URL or url Borg as your short URL service in the preferences.

Simply attach the photos or videos you'd like to send in your email, and use the subject line as the caption (if you upload more than one piece of media at a time, they will all get the same caption).

Typically you'll add a special chat bot that you need to send messages to in order to update your Facebook status.

Services supported include AOL Instant Messenger, Gtalk / Jabber, Yahoo Instant Messenger, and MSN.

Status update services are emerging out of the swelling sea of social sites and the growing need to manage them all.

These sites typically store your login credentials for all the networks you participate in, and allow you to update any or all of them in one fell swoop.


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