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Updating offline disk cache gmail

The procedures that follow in this section are not applicable to your configuration.

For more information about Cached Exchange Mode, see the Use Cached Exchange Mode section of this article or the See Also section.

Each time we open Outlook, the synchronization process start and stop in the middle, for some reason, we cannot figure. The less good news is that there are many grounds for this issue, and there is no “magic” solution that will help us to solve the synchronization problem in “one click.” In this article, we review the cases and the troubleshooting steps for mitigating optional causes for Outlook synchronization problems in Office 365 environment and review the specific charters of Outlook and Exchange Online environment.

I know that this article could consider as “long and tedious” but the Murphy law dictates that: most of the Outlook synchronization problem accrues to “VIP Users,” that usually demand a solution!

When using Exchange Online services, the communication channel is based on a WAN infrastructure, which by default, have narrow bandwidth verse LAN infrastructure.

When Outlook switches between working online and offline, all email accounts are changed.For example, you can change and move items in your offline Inbox and send messages that are placed in your offline Outbox.You continue to receive new messages in your mailbox on the server running Exchange.This copy provides quick access to your data and is frequently synchronized with the mail server.When you use Cached Exchange Mode, all of your Exchange folders are available automatically.However, you will not be aware of these changes on the server until you connect to the network.When you need to update the contents of the offline folder, you synchronize the folder with the server and then continue to work offline.Using a local copy of the Mailbox content should significantly improve the Outlook performance (response time) because access to the “data” (Mail items) created by using a local copy of the Mailbox that stored on the local drive.Instead of “fetching” the mail from the remote Mailbox, each time a user click on the mail item.Offline folders are stored in your Offline Folder file (.ost), which is different from a Personal Folders file (.pst).The file starts as a mirror image of your folders on the server running Exchange.


  1. Mailbox data is only cached in memory and never written to disk. email messages to a local cache is. only headers and by not updating.

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