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Validating email on blackberry

This makes it safe to assume that a pseudo-class will become standard for styling placeholder text.

For further detail there is a thread on the WHATWG mailing list about this topic.

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It is a Boolean attribute (except if you are writing XHTML5; see the note) and is implemented as follows: attribute helps users complete forms based on earlier input. However, if you want to insist that a form field be entered each time a form is completed (as opposed to the browser autofilling the field), you would implement it like so: , it does exactly what you’d expect.is something that we used Java Script for in the past.Traditional Java Script methods do, though, have some serious usability problems.By including it, though, you’re providing an enhanced user experience for those users who have browser support and you’re “future proofing” your site.All modern browsers support Note: There is no official pseudo-class for styling placeholder text but both Mozilla (makers of Firefox) and Web Kit offer vendor prefixed properties for styling (-mozplaceholder and –webkit-input-placeholder).For example, if a user begins completing the form before the script loads, they will (jarringly) be returned to the first form field when the script is loaded.The attribute in HTML5 gets around this issue by focusing as soon as the document loads, without having to wait for the Java Script to be loaded.Note: As this article is a book excerpt, browser renderings of attributes and input types may have altered since the screenshots were taken.Additionally, browser support may have increased since publication so please refer to the links at the end of the article for the current state of browser support.Safari doesn’t show an error message on submit, but instead places focus on that field.The default rendering of “required” error messages depends on the individual browser; at present the error message bubble can’t be styled with CSS in all browsers.


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