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Validating xml file against xsd

bloodtrain: I am validating against a schema in a windows application with no problem, and am sure that my code would work on the server side of a web app too. Give it a try as you say, and we will take it from there, once we know that Altova is validating your file I'm sorry but I must be doing something wrong. raising points ...) I tried it and it seems to work okay.

I open all three files and then when the focus is on the file and I press F8, it says: "Unable to locate a reference to a supported schema type (DTD, W3C Schema) within this document instance." My is the code from the 2nd XML sample on the Service Canada website. I tried entering more than 20 characters for the first name field and it caught it.

But if I use the validate-button or a validation-scenario, in which I specify the schema-file above, the validation is always correct, although I have made an obvious mistake in the xml-file (e.g.

To run the validation, go to Script Page where your XML is open and click Validate button.The only error it found in the first example was when towards the end it has The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and network mask and returning information such as network, broadcast address, and host range.One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.There are two solutions in SSIS for validating an XML file. XML Task For this example I use two files: and 1) New File Connection I will use Connection Managers in this example to make things easier to configure. Right click in the Connection Managers pane and select "New File Connection...".A) XML Task, but the big downside is that it can't validate against XSD files with import or include tags. 3) XML Task editor Edit the XML Task and select the XML Connection Manager as input and the XSD Connection Manager as Second Operand.The validation operation is applied to the file specified in the scenario.XML XSD Schema is an XML-oriented representation of the structure of an XML document.XML XSD Schema has the power of possibility to provide the standard structure for XML attributes and elements, through its support for namespaces and datatypes.You have to validate your XML file to make sure it fits to your application's needs to prevent any exception in your code.I tried validating with XMLStarlet 1.0.1 and with a . You can then validate the file to the schema I think it has something to do with the include in Bulk Roe Header_Maybe when I validate the XML file against Bulk Roe Header_Basic.xsd, it's not automatically including Bulk Roe_ Hello bloodtrain, I use Altova XMLSpy to do my initial validations. I found it is worth the $$$ I downloaded the two xsd files and placed them into the same folder, and had no problem validating.


  1. How do I validate XML against XSD in Java? By Wayan in XML Last modified. First we will create the following XML file and an XSD file it should follow.

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