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Van hansis dating dating your spouse separated

And that was kind of before you could watch things online so I actually haven’t seen also has a ton of super talented LGBT actors.

I think it’s wonderful that LGBT actors are being cast in LGBT roles. Gay actors can play straight roles and straight actors can play gay roles.

I think especially now that people’s lives have become more of a reality, I think that kind of opens the doors for filmmakers.

Do you think we’ll see more LGBT films emerging from the indie market and becoming mainstream soon?He suggested to (director) Casper Andreas and (screenwriter) David Michael Barrett to take a look at me. GSN: Luke’s relationship with Noah (Jake Silbermann) covered so much from coming out to living together to getting shot and going blind. But Jake is one of my closest friends to this day – I just saw him last weekend.You two were so good together then came along the sexy Dr. GSN: In real life, you are in a relationship with Tyler Hanes who is starring on Broadway right now in Cats as the Rum Tum Tugger.It’s a big week for gifted actor Van Hansis with the release of the sexy gay thriler Kiss Me, Kill Me.In the film, Hansis is at the center of the action as a man who blacks out while confronting his cheating boyfriend (Gale Harold).GSN: You get to do all kinds of things in this movie. I thought the character of Reid was super interesting and unlike any you’ve seen in soaps.You are romantic, you are grief-stricken, you are resourceful and you even get to be a little bitchy. Hansis: The way the film came to me was (Eastsiders creator and co-star) Kit Williamson. In retrospect there was more chemistry between Luke and Reid and I think it was the fact that he was older than Luke and it forced him to grow up.I think it’s harder for anything to become a mainstream crossover that’s not a studio film.I think it’s gonna be up to the individual viewer to look for what they want and find the stories they want to see. While there’s always a place for soap operas and sitcoms, I think there’s a lot of need for more personal smaller stories.I don’t know how mainstream they’re ever gonna be, which is kinda sad. It feels to me that indie films are in a place that they weren’t in a decade ago where you could make an indie film and it could go to Toronto and get picked up by this awesome distributor, and then it would be in movie theaters everywhere.Some of the films that I really wanted to see in Toronto are now on demand immediately and missed the whole theatrical release. It was at the festival and now it’s just on-demand.


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