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Vb validating event

It is also possible to display error icon in row header.

The Grid Grouping Control has the built-in support to throw the validation error message when the data is not valid for specific column.

The Cell Editor Manager's Validate method can be used to validate if the editor's value is valid before it is assigned to the underlying cell.

In addition to the built-in validation provided by the Validate method, the Validating event can be handled to provide additional validation criteria.

Custom cell validation is done using the Leaving Edit and Validation Error events.

In the Leaving Edit event, the custom validation is provided and in the Validation Error event, you can decided if you want to allow the cell to exit edit mode in the case where its value does not pass the validation process (see Example 2).

This is done by setting the Error Description property in either the Leaving Edit event of a cell or in the Ending Edit event of a row.Custom row validation is done using the Ending Edit and Validation Error events.In the Ending Edit event, the custom validation is provided and in the Validation Error event, you can decided if you want to allow the row to exit edit mode in the case where the values of one or more of its cells do not pass the validation process (see Example 1).Note that the all editors, with the exception of the Grid Combo Box and the Grid Date Time Picker, will blink (if that error behavior is active). The Validating sample application included with Xceed Grid for Win Forms demonstrates all of the techniques and examples mentioned above and will provide you with a better understanding of how the grid's validation process works. To validate this type of editing, call Current Cell.Validate method after editing the value of the current cell.The validation screen form presents all fields of a document and the user has to confirm/change field values or enter data. This is cumbersome and unnecessary for those kind of fields which have been filled automatically by barcode (see: “Kofax Capture – Document Separation and Barcodes“) or OCR , as the validity of these values can often be checked by simple rules or checks against databases. The row's Validation Error event will be raised if e.Cancel is set to true in the Ending Edit event and/or if an exception is thrown in the Ending Edit event.


  1. Events. The GridGroupingControl has various events to customize the validation process for the cells. The validation can be handled by following events. TableControlCurrentCellValidating - This event will be raised before the current cell is validated. TableControlCurrentCellValidated - This event.

  2. Feb 14, 2008. Visual Basic 6.0 added a new Validate event and CausesValidation property to aid in field-by-field validation. To use the new Validate event, set the CausesValidation property to True for each field that could receive focus, which luckily is the default value for that property. As you leave a field, the Validate.

  3. If you have ever built a form in Visual Studio with say 10 textboxes, you then want to validate all 10 textboxes on a certain event, well naturally you could go through each one like so. If txtTextBox1= "" then End If If txtTextBox1= "" then End If If txtTextBox1= "" then End If. etc. But this leads to messy and.

  4. ValidatingEventPerControl – For each control that is being validated the SuperValidator will handle its Validating event and perform validation. VB. Private Sub customValidator1_ValidateValueByVal sender As System. Object, ByVal e As DevComponents. DotNetBar. Validator. ValidateValueEventArgs Handles.

  5. Feb 13, 2016. There are, however, potential problems with placing the data validation code in this event. For the convenience of data validation, introduces two new events—Validating and Validated—that occur after the Leave event but before the LostFocus event. Data validation and the Validating event are.

  6. Event for the datarepeater we can add a handler to validating event. Private Sub DataRepeater1_DrawItemByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As Microsoft. VisualBasic. PowerPacks. DataRepeaterItemEventArgs Handles DataRepeater1. DrawItem. Dim currItem As DataRowView = DirectCastProductsBindingSource. Iteme.

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