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For the most part of the last decade, since Chatbots began appearing in businesses, they have been using a scripted approach.This involves creating complicated logical workflows, based on expected customer interaction, and pre-recording all possible answers which the system can respond with to each customer request.Over the years, Chatbot technology has evolved into ever more complex systems, where computer responses have been modeled using human linguistic semantics and heuristics.

With a wide range of possible applications, the potential for what Chatbots can do is truly enormous. Traditional integrations typically involve custom designed systems which function on individual sites or standalone applications and are tailored to specific business needs.

Many websites now feature specialized Chatbots which know about current product inventory levels and order statuses.

They help shoppers find and purchase products online reducing the amount of time they spend shopping.

Chatbots are automated chat engines which augment their human customer service counterparts and handle some of the volume of incoming customer requests by focusing on predictable and routine inquiries.

Working through both visual and voice user interfaces, they can respond to questions directly through messenger-like systems, as well as through traditional phone line based communications.


  1. Jan 22, 2018. Recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have created an environment ripe for inventors and entrepreneurs seeking to create automated chat engines which can almost mimic human

  2. Jul 15, 2017. Artificial Intelligence AI is dramatically changing business, and chatbots, fueled by AI, are becoming a viable customer service channel. Devine says chatbots serve as virtual assistants that can feed customer data to the agent in real time, so the agent can give the customer good information and.

  3. Apr 6, 2017. Drawing a Line in the Sand Chatbots vs Virtual Agents. By Parit Patel, Senior Solutions Architect, IPsoft. Practically every business with a customer service department is thinking about bringing AI into the fold. According to Accenture's Banking Technology Vision 2017 report, four in five bankers believe AI.

  4. Feb 21, 2018. A chatbot can maximize the productivity of your business by answering common customer questions, but it's important to know when to pass the baton to a real person.

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