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Analog CCTV systems typically involve a fixed communications link between cameras and monitors, using wires and cables.Analog Cameras are connected back to the DVR for recording and Live monitoring.In the short term can be a bit ‘more expensive, but it is obviously an investment in flexibility and superior quality.As the surveillance technology of the future, is not passing a surveillance system based on IP camera anytime soon.Whether it’s for the business or home, it is important to take practical security measures to diminish the threats – be it external or internal.

However some of the following criteria should also be taken into consideration An experienced CCTV provider can finalize the evaluation requirements based on these criteria.

The multiple components that makes the total CCTV solution include the security cameras, recording devices such as the DVR or NVR, Video management software, mounting devices and much more.

With the advanced cameras being available in the market, depending on the surveillance need, you can evaluate these options too…

The modern day dvr includes network connectivity that enable the device to live stream the video over the network.

The live streaming can be viewed on a remote pc with na management software or any Mobile devices.camera designed for surveillance, and which can be viewed via the Internet.


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