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The objects are arranged on the two-leveled plateau with the business parterre, connected by open galleries and stairs.The place was conceived as a lively public spot with the straight connection to Wenceslaus Square nearby.Robb College is one of the first modernist college buildings to be erected on a university campus outside of Sydney.The use of the traditional quadrangle form widely employed for university colleges shows a renewed interest in the use of the Oxbridge model, rather than the American type campus planning of isolated buildings set in parklands.Nevertheless, the height of the towers took account of adjacent National Museum and the view from Wenceslaus Square, and was reduced to 33.7 m.Each tower has 9 levels as demanded, thanks to the elaborate construction.The overall architectural approach is an unusual mixture of well-designed High-tech details with the ideas of the New brutalism and maybe a touch of post-modern flavour.Nowadays the site is going to be demolished and rebuild.

The top of this building is once more crowned with an extraordinary sculptural figure of the ventilation terminal.

"Former telemetric control center of International gas pipeline Transgas and administrative department of The Ministry of Fuel and Energy, situated in the center of Prague, near the National Museum, Main Railway station and Czech Radio Headquarters, at the border between Vinohrady neighborhood and New Town of Prague (gps 500442.8"N, 142559.9"E).

The objects are arranged into urban micro-landscape, which accommodates the former enclosure of block, and left it open and accessible to the public.

In contrary to heavy stone-cast, these were made of glass and steel.

Silver subtle towers are crowned with dark top of roof lobbies, casted in dark corten-steel, echoing once more the effect high-raised burden.


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  3. Docomomo International wishes to draw your attention to the threatened future that the Santo António Office Block in Residencial Park of Boavista, Porto, Portugal.

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