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She made her film debut in Class (1983), which was filmed in her native Chicago. In 1984, David Lynch cast her in the science fiction film Dune as Princess Irulan.

Madsen was cast in a series of successful teen movies, including Electric Dreams (1984), Modern Girls (1986), and Fire with Fire (1986).

In 1992, some thugs broke into Kelly's and roughed up the owner while attempting to rob the diner.

Jagger was one of the thugs, but was shot when he tried to protect Ruby.

What this all boils down to is that "Dark Paradise" ended up a weak make for TV thriller because of everything in the movie is telegraphed with lots of dialogue which of course suggests trouble ahead.Jagger returned to Port Charles in 1995 when he learned his brother Stone was dying of AIDS. Even though her marriage was on the rocks, she wanted to make it work, and tried hard to stay faithful.Karen decided to go back to San Francisco to see Jagger, thinking it would help their marriage and divert her feelings for Joe. He had become an FBI agent and was now a single father, fighting for custody of his son named Stone Cates, Jr., after his brother Stone.Jagger refuses and while trying to escape the hospital while avoiding arrest, he meets Karen.On the roof of the hospital, Jagger is unable to take the ladder down because he is scared of heights, and Karen finds him and convinces him to stop his escape.But is this handsome charmer all that he seems, especially when one of Tamara's friends ends up being assaulted, robbed and almost killed.There is one thing missing from that synopsis for "Dark Paradise", which is also known as "Deadly Paradise", and that is that the movie starts with a scene of a woman diving and struggling while her male companion watches, refusing to help and yes that male companion is the man we meet as Dario later on.When she went home, she found out that Jagger had been having an affair and their marriage was over. Jagger also reconnects with Scott, Sonny, and Jason. Robin Scorpio recognized the signs of Autism in young Stone, and convinced Jagger to have him tested and to see a therapist.Stone was diagnosed with Autism, and Jagger ultimately returned to San Francisco with his son.He goes back downstairs and pretends to have been sitting there the whole time.He is later put into jail where he stays before the two other burglars join him, including Cal.


  1. Dark Paradise 2016. Antonio Sabato Jr. Now I know why they did this as they want us to be wary of Dario the minute he meets Tamara but it doesn.

  2. Growing Influence of Reality TV Front and Center at 2016 RNC. Antonio Sabato Jr. VH1's 2009 dating show "My Antonio."

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