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Costar Emmy Rossum, who plays Jimmy's girlfriend Fiona, also weighed in, calling the departure "incredibly emotional, like losing a part of your family.I shed a couple of tears in my trailer." Chatwin's character, Jimmy, split most of his screen time last year between the Gallaghers and his secret wife, Estefania, who happened to be the daughter of a Brazilian drug lord.Read more ' Shameless' Boss on the Surprising Finale: Fans Demanded More You’ve been away from the show for some time.What was the biggest adjustment for you stepping back into the role and the world?When I first got on the show, John Wells said the show is like a plant in a garden, and it grows; you never know in what direction it's going to go, or what it's going to produce, or what it's going to look like.So people will leave and people will return and people will change.At what point did you know you were returning — that he hadn't died on that boat after all?I was shocked; I thought he was dead; I had made a head cast, which is when they're probably going to blow off your head or chop off your head, so I was 100 percent certain that my character was deceased.

But the smooth-talking character lived to see another day and return to Fiona's (Emmy Rossum) life — only to leave again after a three-episode arc. She’s closing that door to that chapter and opening the door to the first chapter of her becoming who she’s going to be." Read more ' Shameless' Postmortem: Emmy on Fiona's "Desperate Attempt" at Stability “What’s really interesting about this time around is I think Fiona has been through so much — real life trauma — without Jimmy and actually gotten stronger, and I don’t think she [was] as penetrable to his charms and manipulations as she once was.He gave Fiona quite a few lines — about being tied up for a chunk of the time he was away, about having a job overseas he wanted her to come with him to — how much of what he said to her was real?I think that's up to the audience to interpret.I'm really looking forward to seeing how the fans react to it and if that's what they want or if it does feel final.I remember in the read-through for that last episode, [exec producer] Nancy Pimental's episode, it says, "Jimmy drives off. That we ever see of him for ever and ever." And the entire cast and execs all started bursting out laughing because they'd written that at the end of my exit every time now, and it never seems to work.At the end of “Tell Me You F—ing Need Me,” Fiona ultimately rejects him.Do you really think that's forever, or is there room for him to pop in and out of her life as seasons go on?"But actually now it's kind of cool because we don't have to have him die that way," Wells said."We've been talking about having the recaps every week [next season] have a different way that he died." A statement released by Showtime echoes that possibility, noting that Chatwin "will not be coming back as a series regular, but there is a possibility of him coming back in future episodes in some manner." After the panel concluded, Wells told TV Guide Magazine, "We'll just wait and see if we come up with a story that works or is interesting, but we haven't yet.As of right now, we're done." Because they didn't explicitly see his death, viewers question whether Jimmy's life has actually been spared.Mystery has always surrounded the character, who lived a double life as "Steve" in the show's first two seasons and even disappeared overseas at the beginning of Season 2.


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