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Saturday gossip is the goodness angel of the world. Also note the similarity in Palin's and Captain Knock 'er Up's responses.

Levi and Bristol broke off their engagement in March 2009, and Levi had several public feuds with the Palin family for which he later apologized.

Fox News commentator Dick Morris commented that Mc Cain’s decision to welcome Johnston to the stage was a good move, because it would help Mc Cain show “a nonjudgmental”, tolerant attitude, while still sending the message that unwed teens who become pregnant should marry.

After his 2009 breakup with Bristol, Johnston gave a series of nationally televised interviews. fs=1&hl=en_USwith his mother and sister, saying he wanted to dispel rumors that he had “done steroids and drugs and cheated on Bristol”.

In response, Sarah told the media the statements were “untrue, malicious, and appalling”, emphasizing that she highly appreciated her children and commenting that Johnston’s photoshoots were “attention-seeking and desperate”.

In July 2010, a week prior to the announcement that he and Bristol were engaged a second time, Johnston issued a statement expressing regret for his accusations against the Palins: Last year, after Bristol and I broke up, I was unhappy and a little angry.


  1. Levi Johnston Campaigner. Photo galleries, news, relationships and more on Spokeo.

  2. She is reportedly three months pregnant and has been dating 21-year-old Levi for "just over a. Palin-impregnator Levi Johnston has not been in the news much.

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