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Who is snsd yoona dating

Relationship status: Ideal type: Nichkhun’s ideal types have ranged from SNSD’s Yoona to T-ara’s Eunjung to f(x)’s Victoria and to figure skating champion Kim Yuna.

As for qualities, he wants a girl who is ‘good to her parents’ and he won’t say no to dating an older girl!

Surprisingly, there is very little information about Sooyoung’s family wealth.

There are rumours that her family owns a fabric company but this speculation probably came from the fact that there’s a Korean textile company called ‘Soo Young Family Co. Below is a picture of her house, which is apparently considered quite big in Korea.

He also says that if he likes somebody, he’ll ‘only look at her advantages and will treat her wholeheartedly‘.

However, he confesses that he tends to forget his ex-girlfriends really quickly.

Lee Seo-Jin’s father was also a former Treasury Director, and the family is known to have businesses in the insurance, tourism and financial sectors.Relationship status: Ideal type: Sooyoung’s ideal type is guys who are friendly and down-to-earth and who are also passionate about what they do.Sooyoung is quite down-to-earth herself and in the past, has confessed to being attracted to both a policeman and a man who grilled meat.is aiming for a revenue of US$ 2.5 billion in 2015. Siwon’s family is also rumoured to own the Hyundai Department Store; although it is unclear what percentage of shares his family holds. To find out more about the Hyundai Department Stores’ finances, click here.This company is one of the largest supermarket chains in Korea and gross profits for the Department Store Division alone, was estimated to be over $US 542,000,000 (2010). Relationship Status: Ideal type: Siwon says that his ideal type is “someone who’s positive and has pure eyes.” He goes onto add “I hope my future wife will be someone who can understand my unstable occupation and is able to maintain the household well.” Siwon’s previous girlfriend was SM trainee Stella Kim.This entry was posted on February 28, 2012, in Uncategorized and tagged background, chaebol, eun ji won, family, ideal type, idols, jung il woo, kang dong won, Korean, lee seo jin, list, nichkhun, phillip lee, relationship status, Richest, second generation, siwon, sooyoung, sungmin, Wealthiest. In the List of Richest Korean Idols (Part 1) we looked at the wealthiest idols based on annual income.However, family wealth is just as interesting and enticing, so in this edition, we look at the Korean Entertainment Industry’s Top 10 Richest Second Generation Idols.I don’t know exact profits, but it’s customer base include 250 large companies and over 85,000 small to midsize companies.I have the feeling that this company is going to be BIG in the future; as the Korean government made it mandatory for businesses to submit their tax returns electronically in 2011.Now, I don’t often say this but this guy is seriously sweet.When he was asked what type of love he dreamed of, he said (in reference to 49 days): ‘*dies from sweetness*.


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