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Who is tyrese gibson dating

She has been associated with many social service institutions from the International Justice Mission and women’s organizations to the National Society of Collegiate Scholar, and sorority events.She also worked as a Disability Resource Center student proctor at the university.

The adulation began back in the nineties when a gorgeous young Black teenager hopped on the bus and sang is ass off to the tune of a Coca Cola commercial. Yes, the post was directed to Black women — he later tried to front that it was for all women by editing certain parts, but he played himself from the start by making it clear that he really meant us.

Their first appearance together was at a charity event in Atlanta back in December 2016. They had a bitter split and were at odds with each other.

While the speculation about Tyrese’s then date increased, we learned that he tied the knot with her in February 2017. While Tyrese went with a classic tux, Samantha went the bolder route with a pink halter gown and a sparkly headpiece. But Tyrese credits his faith with being able to make amends with his ex-wife and get along with her.

She went on to acquire her Masters in Social Work from the University of Georgia Graduate School.

Between her two degrees, she took the time to add a fun skill to her résumé: Samantha is certified in mixology and bartending from the Professional Bartending School of Atlanta, where she learned “mixology, mixing techniques, beer, vino 101,” and safe serving laws to acquire her Serv Safe Certification.


  1. If we’re to believe Tyrese Gibson, who later deleted the Instagram post below, the story goes like this Tyrese takes a girl out for Valentine’s Day. A random girl. During their

  2. Tyrese Gibson girlfriend list and dating history. Tyrese Gibson is a multi-platinum and Grammy nominated R&B singer, songwriter.

  3. Another day, another dating rumor. This time, it involves actors Tyrese Gibson & Sanaa Lathan. Are they.aren't they. A few intimate dinners this week have folks wondering if they're more than friends. Deets inside. Reports state that this past Monday, Tyrese and Sanaa Lathan wind and dined at Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood.

  4. Tyrese ain’t right! Why Tyrese is the Worst Kind of Black Man to Black Women. I needed a distraction from the overgrown, yellow-haired oaf in The White House and thanks to Tyrese Gibson — I found exactly

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