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Wolseley engine dating

Parts of the Southern Cross, Wolseley copy, however, were cast here in South Africa, the engines were assembled in Bloemfontein, and were painted mid green.Rob Laurent, who's writing a book on Southern Cross engines has yet to find out whether these copies were made with or without permission from Wolseley.He's very familiar with the Wolseley copies and said they were a completely South African venture, no connection at all with Australia.He said he's sure that Wolseley engines were used for patterns, with a couple of small modifications made to suit manufacturing processes.The Wolseley WD and WLB range of stationary engines was very popular in South Africa and some were manufactured or assembled by various factories and Co-op's as part of the South African local content programme - others were imported complete from Great Britain.The nameplate on these engines was usually the Wolseley nameplate but the different agents or assemblers would put their own name on the timing gear cover.

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Other parts that were commonly "mixed and matched" were the crankcase inspection cover, timing gear cover, fuel tank and brackets and the plate covering the water jacket at the front of the engine.The castings were made by a firm called Light Castings from Boksburg, outside of Johannesburg. The first of the engines were made before his time, he thinks somewhere between 1950-1955.Ian was the man who set up the Southern Cross Foundry and galvanising plant which started operating in 1968.Now, just to complicate the issue, Derick Kleynhans from Heidelberg reports that he has a Boeresake with a smooth hopper, which was fitted from new.According to the history books, the last smooth hopper was on the WD1 range, but was abandoned in favour of the ribbed one for better cooling........ Hendrik V d Berg in Douglas has been poring over old Farmers Weeklies, and has come across an advertisement for Wolseley engines, stating that in 1963, they were Prices at that time were R132.00 for the water cooled 3HP, and R148.00 for both the 5HP water and air cooled models!There also seems to be a slight difference in the main casting (block) between imported and locally produced castings although I have not been able to confirm this.As a matter of interest the "front" of the engine is the side facing the cooling water tank in the above picture.) and was painted Signal Red, and had a smooth water hopper.The Trojan was made for African Gate & Fence in Johannesburg and was painted white.Runs and drives but with engnie to improve after minor works. Make: Wolseley WD9 Number: 72792 Year of manufacture: 1966 Country of origin: Great Britain Assembled by: Vetsak Limited, Isando, South Africa. Click here or on the picture for a larger view (93 Kb.) Use your browser's "Back" button to return.


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