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– birthdays from contact book The Touch Down integration offers to display events and tasks from Exchange.

For more informations about Touch Down Exchange, have a look here It works from Android 1.5 to Android 6.0, with events view, edit, delete.

Exodus is Movie and TV shows add-on, and it is very famous among all the Kodi users.

Most of the features and interface of Exodus are same as the Genesis, but it is more advanced and extended version.

Within very less amount of time Kodi became famous among millions of streaming lover.

But by the time, Kodi also lost some best addons and repository just because of DMCA and copyright claim. If you want to enjoy full dose of kodi, then you need to download all these kodi addons.

(may not work on all devices) – FIX bullets with more than 6 events in a day – IMPROVE automatic widget sizes and enable them (for tablets or large devices) – IMPROVE widget config 2.8.4: – NEW enable horizontal resize capability (you NEED to enable the scrollable mode to fill the widget) – NEW enable Holo theme in config panel for Honeycomb/ICS – FIX text cut when using ‘force line break’ – FIX brackets usage ” 2.8.3: – NEW skin manager with publishing and rates – NEW ICS skin – FIX filling issue on Galaxy Nexus – FIX Honeycomb/Ics layout problems when scrollable – FIX Honeycomb/Ics formating issues – FIX Honeycomb/Ics color bars in scrollable mode 2.8.2: – IMPROVE cariage return management – FIX Honeycomb/Ics refresh issue – FIX Honeycomb/Ics formating issues with smaller widgets and scrollable mode – FIX small internal database, config and info layouts fixes 2.8.1: – FIX 5×5 for Galaxy Note (at least trying …) – FIX cariage return management for 2x* and 3x* sizes 2.8.0: – NEW compatible with Ultimate To Do List Tab – NEW 5×5 widget size for Galaxy Note (not tested because I don’t have such device.

please contact me for problems) – IMPROVE application picker – IMPROVE bullets and cariage return management – IMPROVE events bullets color – FIX task text width 2.7.9: – NEW display calendar event occurrence count for yearly events (like birthdays) – NEW support of Task Sync task manager in BETA (for Exchange 2007 or 2010 tasks) !!!

It offers following features : – direct event and task insertion from the widget.

Play as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker living in the birthplace of the tech revolution, the San Francisco Bay Area.

Team up with Dedsec, a notorious group of hackers, to execute the biggest hack in history; take down ct OS 2.0, an invasive operating system being used by criminal masterminds to monitor and manipulate citizens on a massive scale.

too many widget size issues 3.3.5: – FIX widget size issue with Android 4.x 3.3.4: – FIX refresh issue with daily viewer – FIX info panel crash – IMPROVE soft option menu display – FIX Touch Down calendar list 3.3.3: – IMPROVE application picker. – NEW support Calengoo task priority feature – FIX inline dates and time with tasks due dates 3.0.7: – FIX widget text bottom cut for Nexus 4 3.0.6: – FIX ‘ask each time’ for event/task insertion – FIX daily view ‘ ’ for event/task insertion – FIX ‘s for birthdays and anniversaries 3.0.5: – FIX year/anniversary counters – FIX ‘ask each time’ for task creation – FIX short time format like ‘a’ 3.0.4: – NEW option to use custom language for the config and widget display – NEW compatible with Android 4.2 lockscreen widgets 3.0.3: – FIX FATAL BUG 3.0.2: – NEW support event color change (if your device support it – Jelly Bean required) 3.0.1: – FIX day viewer size in landscape – FIX date string format for october and 2 digits – FIX text event color according to source color – FIX recurring and full days event details view – FIX storage folder creation issue 3.0.0: – NEW option to adjust text line width – FIX QEI width – FIX Jelly Bean colors – IMPROVE general QEI rendering (more ICS style) – IMPROVE data picker 2.9.9: – NEW allow system app picking for app launch – FIX insertion of repeating events on Android 4.x – FIX widget focus on Home rotation – UDPATE some translation 2.9.8: – NEW can display birthdays AND anniversaries (update birthday plugin) – IMPROVE popups panels to more ICS looking – UDPATE some translation 2.9.7: – FIX ‘Launch null’ if ‘ask each time is selected for the ‘ ’ button – FIX tags/list filtering issue for Touch Down – IMPROVE line text cut in scrollable mode – ADD & UPDATE translations 2.9.6: – IMPROVE alternate skin server usage to bypass current hosting provider issue 2.9.5: – NEW My Phone Explorer task manager support – FIX quick actions images issues 2.9.4: – NEW options to edit data separators – NEW support ‘%%mm’ to display 2 digits month number – IMPROVE calendar selector – IMPROVE config theme – FIX skin manager skin issue (download & colors) – FIX date editor size issue 2.9.3: – NEW include new official 2012 skin (ask when reconfiguring, or enable/disable it in system tab) – NEW allow setting export naming – FIX contact birthday tap issue – FIX home timezone option with TZ having 30 minutes shift 2.9.2: – FIX settings export – FIX timezone selection crash 2.9.1: – NEW Home timezone option for travels – FIX Galaxy Note filling issue – FIX QEI with seconds and milliseconds problems 2.9.0: – NEW and updated translations – REMOVE contact permission and publish ‘Birthdays for Pure widgets’ plugin to extract birthdays from your contact book.

Can select any activity from any app like a Calendar – NEW work with Touch Down new security process 3.3.2: – NEW support Pocket Informant 3 add event – NEW allow width resize for tablets 3.3.1: – FIX Astrid clone tag filtering – IMPROVE calendar picker 3.3.0: – FIX events filtering 3.2.9: – NEW support Astrid Clone tasks – FIX cseck birthday translation 3.2.8 : – FIX issue with 4.x devices after widget insertion – FIX time formatting issue 3.2.7: – NEW Digical support – UPDATE all translations from Crowdin – FIX widget layouts after text size change in scrollable mode – FIX scrollable list elements size after text size change – FIX “Show events as important” behavior in non scrollable mode – IMPROVE calendar selector activity – IMPROVE application picker activity – IMPROVE display with 0 minute events 3.2.6: – FIX Android 4.4 image display in scrollable mode – FIX Android 4.x image issues when widget is installed on lockscreen – IMPROVE task filtering support information – NEW ‘1 year’ search option 3.2.5: – NEW support Google calendar individual event colors – FIX due date display for task when inline – FIX issue with task manager switch – FIX Detect Touch Down database lock 3.2.4: – NEW can use custom color from birthday calendar plugin 3.2.3: – NEW option to set events as important for current day – IMPROVE calendar options – IMPROVE display for 4×1, more events – IMPROVE preconfigure app for samsung devices 3.2.2: – NEW option to improving widget content filling – IMPROVE skin manager style – IMPROVE skin manager download progress visibility – FIX skin manager list issue – FIX skin manager error message in case of invalid skin 3.2.1: – NEW Tick Tick task manager support (BETA UNOFFICIAL) 3.2.0: – FIX skin server DNS issue – NEW Any Do auto-refresh – NEW Any Do full categories listing 3.1.9: – FIX Any Do permission issue 3.1.8: – NEW support of Any Do task manager – FIX issue with very high resolution screens and day view – FIX crash with PI3 task creation – FIX tags listing for PI3 tasks 3.1.7: – NEW support of Pocket Informant 3 (demo and full) – IMPROVE translations 3.1.6: – FIX double date issue for inline date and tasks – FIX tasks remaning days count – FIX some tasks date display troubles 3.1.5: – FIX inline date – FIX Dato Gtasks listing 3.1.4: – IMPROVE ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’ string usage – FIX Astrid due time – FIX automatic translation for today/tomorrow 3.1.3: – NEW skin server (fix user skin publishing) 3.1.2: – FIX Team Task due dates for users with GMT-x TZ 3.1.1: – FIX Team Task launch when ‘ask’ is selected – FIX Team Task current day display 3.1.0: – FIX completed tasks filtering issue – NOTA Tasks (by Team Tasks) need 1.37 version. 2.8.8: – NEW option to filter duplicated events – NEW support of ‘quick event’ app for ‘ ’ widget button – FIX compatibility with Android 1.5 – FIX display of days without events in scrollable mode 2.8.7: – NEW partial support of 1020×768 tablets (please, send screenshots if you have such devices) – FIX birthdays for some Samsung devices – FIX internal issue with scrollable mode and Honeycomb/ICS – FIX enable by 5*x widget sizes by default 2.8.6: – FIX major issue with birthday management 2.8.5: – NEW get birthdays from Contact book !


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  2. I am getting this error message when I start Eclipse Helios on Windows 7 Failed to create the Java Virtual Machine My looks as follows -startup plugins.

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