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The therapeutic treatment parents, therapist, and psychiatrist work consistently alongside the children’s guardians or parents, law enforcement, and school officials. If the team breaks down, the kids do not feel safe with caregivers. When James returned home, Tom and Jan were relieved. He had learned how to acknowledge his feelings and self-regulate his behavior.At IACD, James realized he couldn’t manipulate the team and he’d be there to stay. Tom and Jan were able to talk with him and redirect him during the moments when he felt out of sorts. Tom and Jan were so impressed with his success, in fact, that they underwent training at IACD and became therapeutic treatment parents themselves.“Everyone needs to work together consistently—despite the children’s extraordinary abilities to break those teams apart.” Tom and Jan found anything but a team approach, however, as foster parents. It’s a slew of adults – from caseworkers to judges – on individual missions to make a difference in the world. At six-years-old, James moved into Tom and Jan’s home and trouble began almost immediately.Although the county provided traditional therapy for James, those services were sporadic and didn’t address the serious issues they faced.Their house did indeed feel like a house on a hill—but in isolation.A missing piece of reactive attachment disorder treatment – teamwork with the “system*” While Tom and Jan had the necessary experience and education for their jobs, they realized what they lacked early on as foster parents—support, especially for kids with reactive attachment disorder.

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The Institute for Attachment and Child Development bases their model on teamwork.

In that facility, 7-year-old James bit one of the employees so viciously that she had to go to the emergency room.

The residential treatment center banished James from their facility permanently. James became less aggressive and they actually enjoyed his company.

After their conversation, James began to get violent once again.

When the caseworker eventually found him a potential adoptive family, James was removed from their home.


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