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Of the 89 emails we got back, the vast majority of them were terrible.Either they were obviously fake profiles set up to make the site look like it had more traffic, or they were scammers looking for a quick buck (check out our guide on avoiding scammers on sex dating sites).That’s a low percentage even for sites that are more geared towards actual dating, and nowhere near as high as we like to get on sex dating sites.

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Even though it promised a “great quality search feature,” what it delivered was nothing less than crap.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be on our list of crappy, not-worth-your-time dating sites if it were actually a good website.

x is a site that promises a lot, from a “great quality” search feature and a bunch of XXX movies free of charge with a membership package.

We’ve rarely seen a site that promises so much and delivers so little.

x is a site that thinks it’s a lot better than it is.


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