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Someone was showing me how to calibrate cardiac monitors with a blood pressure cuff (years ago) and I said that it seemed primitive. PS - the building really did flood during a nor'easter in 1992 and again on national tv during hurricane Sandy. When the city was going to cut a tree down they kept saying, "When are they going to throw down that tree? Yeah, I'm gonna call them and remind them they have to throw that down."When I was in elementary school the library had a book of plays students could put on for their class. In one play, somebody suggests that a girl do sonething she doesnt wsnt to do and she says, "Well, I like that! She said she liked it, but then it seemed like she didn't. Oh yeah Brazil Niggas.[quote]Ronald Reagan was among the people who pronounced it "REE-gan" until one of his wives decided that "it sounds like an Irish cop," and insisted that he change the pronunciation. Whenever she talks about someone she finds funny, she'll say "Oh, she just slays me."My 88 year old mother used to refer to underwear as bloomers which I would call her on and she now calls them panties. I have a half black cousin who a friend who at 58 is 12 years older than me referred to as "mulatto" I wasn't really offended but more amused as she is very SJW and liberal.She said, "We've been doing it this way since the flood," and I asked, "What flood? Perhaps she was prescient.[quote] Make" gets (mis)used a lot. "They also "make a party" instead of having a party or throwing a party ("Let's make him a party! My father used to rant about how Reagan changed the spelling from the original "Regan."Old people say things like this about their younger millennial family, OP:"Isn't my nephew smart? My grandparents' generation loved taking laxitives. They called it "taking a physic." They took suppositories by the batch, had a bottle of Milk of Magnesia and a little can of Ex-Lax on their bathroom shelf. [quote]This may be a TV thing though, since that's the only place I've ever heard it. I've seen Casablanca r32, but don't remember if it had "broads" in it. Even SOUTH PACIFIC uses the word 'broad' in the lyric to "Honey Bun." As slang, it predates TV by many years.Someone above mentioned a shorter version of "Doesn't have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of"Not exclusively used by older people (probably thanks to Joss Whedon) but still sounds old to me: "The Powers That Be"lol r308 Off subject I would get so embarrassed if went someplace with my mother and she had an interaction with anyone whose first language was Spanish she would insist on trying to speak to them in her completely awful , unintelligible Spanish complete with her very Brooklyn accent.If we went to a Mexican restaurant every time the waiter came by to drop chips and salsa or pour water I would cringe every time she would say "grasias" very loudly. My partner's mom, whom I adore, is from northwest Alabama, which has a number of weird linguistic quirks.After having watched Penis Size Insecurity By Men, it’s now time to move on to lesson two and have a look at womens insecurities: The Perfect Vagina.

My father's mother was said to refer to the item where one rests a cigarette as an "ash receiver". Americanisms are usually quickly taken up in the UK, but no doubt the internet is what's spreading language faster now both ways.Actually, R285, I find more people adding "apostrophe-S" on the end of brand names, even though they don't belong there, than I have observed your extraneous "the" phenomenon. Just last night I caught a bit of an episode of Card Sharks on Buzzr from 1984 or so and the host introduced and Asian contestant from Atlanta as "An Oriental from the South - how unusual! The owner of the bar where I worked was visibly annoyed when is senior citizen mom who was visiting him from out west somewhere asked for a "pop" and he said " you can have one if stop calling it "pop" "What a jerk!Referring to a pregnant woman by saying "she has a bun in the oven", or "she is with child".A lot of these words and phrases have fallen out of the modern lexicon altogether, sadly (except for the gay slurs)Calling the refrigerator the icebox. helium heels, fruit, fruitloop,dating words: courting, betrothed, paramour, one's "intended."And since vinyl became passe: record player, victrola, stereo[quote] Dating: 'going steady.'"Going steady" may be antiquated, but it marked a distinction from or perhaps a specialized phase of "dating", meaning a "not seeing other people phase" somewhere between playing-the-field-dating and engagement. She filled my apartment with maggots and made up a horrible story about her dad being in a coma to get out of paying rent. A highball is a generic term for a cocktail but it is also the name given to a whiskey and ginger ale (or whiskey and soda) served in a glass that is bigger than a rocks glass but smaller than a pint glass.Refer to a gay man as "AC/DC."Refer to the stereo cabinet as "the Hi Fi." My grandmother would refer to it as the "Victrola."Space Cadet as a "flibbertigibbet.""Jimmy's out of his box!When Reagan was on "What's My Line" as a panelist, everyone was saying it both ways and he didn't care at all. As in "he's a carnaptious old bastard" which is how my grandma referred to my grandpa. I know plenty of young people who wouldn't think of saying "they" to please some trans cunts like you. We're talking about how some OLDER people still speak.I have a very difficult name to pronounce and I am like that, I don't care how people say it as there's a huge chance they won't get it right anyway, so why make a thing out of it." Son of a gun" was something my father used to say when something had totally blown his mind. They still say "he" or "his," even when they're also referring to females.Older people still "make" their birthdays ("I'll make 80 this July! It was a good day if they "moved their bowels," which meant they were "regular" and not "all bound up." It must have been exhausting."), and old people who grew up around Cajuns still say "make dodo" for "go to sleep."My partner's family says "make" for going to the bathroom. My granny, who raised my sister and me, believed a daily dose of laxative was the cure for just about anything.""It's snowing down south.""Have your supper."Refer to the telephone as the "Ameche."Gosh, i remember a friend of my great-grandmother's saying, "Let me just run in here and bathe my hands first."Of course, she meant she was going to wash her hands.She would say that each time I would visit her, right before making me a spectacularly delicious turkey sandwich. Her name was Cornelia and we called her "Nee-Nee."She was lovely and graceful in ways that people just aren't anymore. Some people were annoyed that on uk it's "films & tv" compared to "movies & tv".


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