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Zonealarm not updating

Double click on the 'Z' icon in the system tray in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

Verify the Automatic Check for Updates is enabled by performing the following.

Had to remove Zone Alarm and then install new Zone Alarm. Selected the 'clean' for my Win XP and Win98se puters with no problems...when a change in numbered versions occurs, (from 3.x to 4.x, etc.) I do a "clean install" by uninstalling the previous version first.

It is best if ZA is completely shut down prior to uninstalling.Interesting test: ping it works but your browser can't get out, then it's this problem. The Microsoft forum gave good lessons in how not to provide support.According to one of the threads that I read (I cannot remember which one), Microsoft has admitted it is their fault, not a fault in Zone Alarm, so I wouldn't abandon ZA just because of this.I have done this in the past with no problems, but not this time. Hmmm...I recall when installing it asked to the effect if you wanted to have a 'clean' install which erased the old or if you wanted to install using your old self settings.It left me with just one Control Center page and that was blank. I put the dot in the box for clean install and noticed it did erase the icons I had before installing the new program.Note: Updates are controlled and slowly made available and although there may be a newer version the update has not been turned on for your pc to automatically get it yet. However, a Windows 2000 machine here at work just went bananas.Windows 7 users may not see the icon in the system tray and will need to click the arrow pointing up in the system tray to see and double click the 'Z' icon.Click on the 'Tools' drop down menu and select 'Scheduled Tasks' Make sure the 'Product Update' option is and click the Ok button.However, personally, I would be inclined to wait a while and see if Microsoft releases an updated patch and/or there are any problems with the new version of ZA before installing anything.patermann I don't know whose fault that is, but it was caused by a huge bug in the design of the Internet. EVERYTHING has to be updated, and I do mean EVERYTHING, and it was all supposed to be updated simultaneously.It's quite possible Zone Alarm had to release simultaneously with a major Windows change, so I wouldn't be too hard on them.


  1. Hi, I upgraded to win 10 and noticed that ZoneAlarm wasn't loaded. I found that my version wasn't compatible with win 10. when I try to uninstall ZA I

  2. Problem with Zone Alarm updating. Normally the Icon will always show some Net acitivity but does not indicate updating of ZA unless you have the Suite and its.

  3. Solution ZoneAlarm 10.x and greater. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. Verify the Automatic Check for Updates is enabled by.

  4. I was wondering if anyone could help about this. I've had no luck on the ZoneAlarm forums. ZoneAlarm firewall will not update when I click on 'update'.

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